Research & Analysis of Today’s Internet

17 Elements of Successful Website

A modern website has a lot going on under the hood. Here are all the aspects of a website that need to be carefully considered.

User-Interface Design

Knowing How People Behave on Website

How people interact with screens evolve over time. As new devices are introduced to the market, new ways of interacting become possible. As people master a certain level of complexity, they become ready for the next level. In this way, UI design is a moving target. Each site or app should choose a specific psycho-demographic segment in the technology adoption curve (i.e. early adopter, early majority, late…

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Why We Can’t Make a Living As Writers

The graph above shows why we can no longer make a living as writers. Let me go over it in detail.

The horizontal line represents the spectrum between readers’ desire to read and writers’ desire to be read.

On the far left side of this spectrum A) is a small number of writers who are so desperate for attention that they would pay anyone willing to read their writings.

B is where writers spend their own money on online advertising to get readers’ attention. Even if they do not spend money, if we were to take into account the cost of their own labor to promote their writings, overall, they…

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Social Optimizer

noun: a person who waits until the last minute to cancel social plans in order to choose the best possible plan for oneself at the expense of others.


My friend is the worst social optimizer; he canceled our dinner plan after I did all the shopping and cooking, and now I see him partying on Instagram.

Derivative Usage

I have an extra ticket for this show. Do you wanna go? I’ve been optimized by Kathryn. Her boyfriend just invited her to his place.
What?! You are not coming to my party? Are you trying to optimize me?


This problem has become prevalent because most of us…

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Life Now Imitates Social Media—Not the Other Way Around

Today, one in three marriage is initiated online. It is inevitable that this ratio will keep growing. A few decades ago, television was the most influential medium and the most popular target of criticism for corrupting our brains. Now, social media have unseated television from the top spot. Between the two mediums, the most obvious difference is that television is a one-way mass medium whereas social media like Facebook is two-way. Another difference: Television is highly centered whereas social media is highly fragmented. By “centered,” I mean a large number of people share a small number…

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Impact of Pokemon Go on Business

Pokemon Go is now “the most successful mobile launch in history.” Its popularity caught most of us by surprise. A cultural phenomenon of this nature and magnitude will leave a lasting impact even if the game itself does not last. In this article, I would like to explore what this impact might be. What is the message of this medium called “augmented reality”?

When you distill what makes video games interesting, you realize there are only about a dozen different types of video games. The games under each type are just minor variations of the same game. But, every now and then, a truly new game…

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Are Younger Generations Better at Avoiding Miscommunication Online?

The younger generations are generally savvier with the written forms of communication like texting, email, and social media, because they grew up with them. The older generations had to learn them as their second language. I'm wondering: Are the younger generations better at avoiding miscommunication when they use these digital mediums?

I have a feeling that they are better because they start making mistakes much earlier (I see them with my 11-year old daughter), so they should have a better sense of what to do and what not to do. Naturally, they will still make many mistakes but I have a…

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The Ultimate Role of Creative Agencies

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about a tiny sushi bar in Tokyo with three Michelin stars. The owner/chef Jiro Sukiyabashi relentlessly pursues perfection in sushi at age 85. The documentary is a fascinating look at the personality and the process that go into serving the best sushi in the world. Since I watched the film, I have frequently thought about his model for achieving perfection and have come to realize that it is quite relevant for agency business, particularly for creative agencies.

Jiro’s restaurant has only ten seats, and Jiro himself interfaces with all the customers. The…

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Google vs. Facebook in Building a Regular Audience

If you want to develop an audience who consumes your content on a regular basis, your website, YouTube channel, or Facebook Page can’t just be about providing pieces of knowledge. This becomes clear when you study Bob Ross’ painting videos. The vast majority of his audience never painted; they just liked watching him paint. Likewise, a cooking show too has to have value by itself even if the audience never cooks. Regardless of the type of content, there has to be some redeeming quality to the act of reading or watching it.

“Cooking with Dog” has over a million subscribers. I’m pretty sure…

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The Problem of Over-engineering

This post about “The Sad State of Web Development” is pretty funny. I agree. I think the ultimate dream of all computer science majors is to create their own frameworks because it would earn the highest respect among their peers. Why? Because the problems they were taught to solve in school are the problems of computer science. They didn’t study the problems in, say, medicine, economics, or education. By solving the problems in education, for instance, they wouldn’t get peer respect because their peers are not educators. Everyone wants to be respected by their own peers. This type of…

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How the Quantifiable Mediums of the Internet Changed Our Aesthetics

The way people think about aesthetics in business have fundamentally and irreversibly shifted in the last decade or so. The shift started with the advent of online advertising. For the first time in history, advertisers can quantify the return on their investment, and get detailed data back to examine what worked and what didn’t. It was a paradigm shift in the so-called “creative” business.

Here, I want to be extra clear about what I mean by “aesthetics”, “design”, or “creatives” as these words can mean a lot of different things. A design for a product can have a functional design and…

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