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Mystery Solved: Why Some People Love Twitter — and Why Others Don’t

If you Google “Twitter is stupid”, you will find many people asking what Twitter is good for and why some people love it so much. They have tried and found it utterly useless. I did too. Since Twitter was founded in 2006, I’ve tried at least three different times in the past, dedicating a significant amount of time learning about Twitter and using it, and every time, I failed to understand the point of it. Sure, we all have things we don’t enjoy that others passionately love. I have no interest in watching sports, but I can at least understand why many people love it. What bothers me about…

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Hacking at DreamHost Using Self-destructing Script

For our clients, we don't use those inexpensive shared hosting services, but the site for my daughter's school that I maintain pro bono is hosted on a shared server at DreamHost, which has been experiencing a series of hacking incidents. They host non-profit websites for free, so I'm not complaining, and am thankful for them. I just want to share the things I discovered on our site so that others may be able to benefit from it.

A few days ago, I noticed a file named installer12.php in one of our tmp directories. This file is designed to self-destruct by the last line in code which is:


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It’s Not China; It’s Efficiency That Is Killing Our Jobs

The majority of wealth is now concentrated at the top of the social ladder. This is particularly true in the US, and the gap is widening every year. This, I believe, is because of efficiency, not China. Today the best ideas can efficiently and quickly propagate worldwide, and everyone can efficiently find them and buy them. This makes the owners of these ideas filthy rich, and those ideas that are not the best, can hardly survive. It’s not just transfer of information that is fast; wealth too is transferred very fast and efficiently.

Imagine in the future where we have something like Star…

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Philosophical Differences Between Objective-C and C++

Learning about Objective-C has been quite interesting, especially the histories of Objective-C and C++. They were two different schools of thought that extended C to accommodate object-oriented programming. As we can see today, C++ has been more popular and we have already seen several permutations of them. In a way, my own history of programming has followed that particular school, although I did not know that an alternative school existed. I learned C, then C++, then Java, and lastly ActionScript.

The main difference between the two schools is in typing: static vs. dynamic. It gets rather…

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