Argot Partners

Argot Partners is a longtime client of ours, and this is the second website we’ve created for them. The opening animation varies depending on from which section you come into the site. The layout is responsive and created as a single-page app using AngularJS.

Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP

SCH is a longtime client of ours. We manage a variety of marketing needs for them, from branding, print design, email campaigns, photography, to website. This is the third generation of their website that we created for them.

We chose to use AngularJS on the frontend since they wanted a dynamic browsing experience. The site is preloaded at the start so all the transitions would work seamlessly. The content management system for this site is WordPress but it has been set up as a REST API server; meaning all it does is to fetch the content in a raw data format to the frontend app. It has no template/theme.

We handled all the photography for the site as well. The photos have been carefully retouched to match well with their brand colors.

SCH Holiday Campaigns

Every year, the law firm, Schindler Cohen & Hochman, asks us to create a digital holiday campaign. (You can still see the e-cards from the last four years here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.) From 2012 to 2014, we used embedded videos. (We conducted extensive tests to make sure that they can be played on any devices.) We also created email campaigns to go with them.

Last year (2015), we used a different technology: a pure Javascript animation. This allowed us to create an animation that never repeats. It keeps on generating snowflakes with random shapes and sizes. You can also interact with it by clicking on anywhere within the browser window. Using Javascript ensures maximum compatibility, and allows us to use the entire browser window regardless of the size of the screen. The script can adapt to any dimensions.


Dyske designed and developed the system for Cliqk that allows customers to buy smart home products combined with installation services. It is not only a highly flexible e-commerce system but also a project management system for the installers. On the fly, It can price a customized package of products with installation and insurance included. It provides scheduling, task list, parts list, room list, directions, and features to communicate with the customers and process change order.

It can sign up installers, certify and approve them based on their expertise, and match them to the right jobs. A sales agent can also create a custom shopping cart for a customer who needs sales assistance and send it to him to check out and pay. It can also manage inventory of installer hours.


SortCentre is a proprietary application that combines email, CRM, help desk, and project management features. A typical problem with project management tools like Basecamp and communication tools like Slack is that you cannot force your outside clients and vendors to use your system. Email is still the lowest common denominator.

SortCentre turns each thread of email into a project with a todo list and file sharing. You can merge threads, move individual messages to a different thread, edit the subject line without spawning a new thread, assign projects and departments, set priorities and status, and add internal comments. You can also share accounts with other users in your organization so that you can collaboratively manage external communication.


The Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation and Preparation for Hepatitis C Treatment (PREP-C) is a project by Mount Sinai Hospital to provide an initial assessment of a patient’s psychosocial readiness to begin HCV treatment. Healthcare professionals use it in private interview settings. We built it to work well on a tablet device so that an interviewer can allow her patient to interact with it also.

The assessment consists of nine sections with about a dozen questions each. The system allows a variety of input formats for questions, like sliders, multiple choice, yes/no, text, and any combination of them. At the end, it provides scores, guidelines, and the ability to enter the decisions and the plans. The system keeps track of all the past patients so that they can be re-evaluated in the future.